King’s Place and Limelight

Johannes and I played at King’s Place last night and will be leaving for our last Sounding Off concert  in a few minutes at Limelight.  The space at King’s Place was  more like a concert setting. We are told that the Limelight venue should be a little bit more like a bar/club performance. Yesterday evening was the first time I was also handling the images/video for our performance. I am relieved that the technical aspects of the show went relatively smoothly, considering how much we had prepared.

One thing Johannes and I have had to get use to is a lot of last-minute changes. The Stockhausen Tierkreis invites so much exploration from us and I feel that we have continually changed our arrangements in performance. It has been a really rewarding experience for me because each performance really is different. There is less sense of “execution” that might be involved in some other more traditional pieces. Instead, we really have a chance to sculpt the sound to each performance space and I feel more of a heightened sensitivity knowing that many of these “performative” aspects can only be determined on stage. I am looking forward to our last performance of it tonight!