Through The Thicket of Stars (2023): Orb of Night (visual art by celebrated children’s author/illustrator, Grace Lin)

Through The Thicket of Stars (2023): When Black Tortoise Speaks

Through The Thicket of Stars (2023): Dragon Jitters

Tone Grove (2021) solo version

Pianofall (2020) is directly inspired by Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings. “If you are a drop of water…you will evaporate halfway, but if you go as a river, you will surely reach the ocean.” Calligraphy painted by shodo artist, Masako Inkyo.

Sumitones (2019) for solo piano. Written for Jacob Greenberg.

Lullaby  for two toy pianos (Originally written for toy piano and string orchestra.)

for deconstructing toy piano, toy piano tines and string quartet (2016). Performed by JACK Quartet and me.

A rare performance with Cuddle Magic and Rick Moody in Saratoga Spring, 2014.

An excerpt of my world premiere recording of Caccia, by the imitable Japanese composer, Jo Kondo. The piece was premiered at the 2016 Look & Listen Festival and was made possible by New Musia USA grant.
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