Show at Barbés

Next week I will be performing at Barbés with glass musician/improviser/electronic musician Miguel Frasconi. I have been looking forward to doing something with Miguel for quite some time. I came across his music for the first time while I was at Indiana looking for CD’s to play on my experimental music radio program. His first record on New Albion Records was in the library. The CD begins with a glass improvisation and I was sold instantly. He later includes a variety of instruments including mbira, toy pianos (of course), voice and others. He is probably one of the only people I know that has about as many toy pianos as I do.

Since I will be bringing my very first toy piano to my gig next week, I wanted to find the right repertoire for this particular instrument. My first toy piano is a 2 and a half octave baby grand Schoenhut with a very shallow touch. I have picked several pieces that sound quite good on the instrument, including  Milliampere by Dai Fujikura and …with the silences of the fishes by Ken Ueno. I haven’t performed either piece before, so come out and hear some new tunes!