Ceci n’est pas un piano with Jennifer Hymer

I finally met Georg Hajdu , the winner of the 1st UnCaged Toy Piano, yesterday morning in New York.  From Germany, Georg  is among the first composers of his generation dedicated to the combination of music, science and computer technology. He is currently a professor of multimedia composition at the Hamburg School of Music and Theater.

In 1996, following residencies at IRCAM and the ZKM, Karlsruhe, he co-founded the ensemble WireWorks with his wife Jennifer Hymer a group specializing in the performance of electro-acoustic music. Yesterday morning, Georg and I swapped CD’s and he gave me one of Jennifer’s recent CD’s, Ceci n’est pas un piano. This diverse CD, showcases her on piano , toy piano, kalimba and narrative voice.  She performs works by Georg Hajdu, Sascha Lino Lemke, Tan Dun, Annie Gosfield, Manfred Stahnke, Cathy Milliken, and Annea Lockwood.