In the booth for Theatre For One

I just got back from the official opening of Theatre For One. Before I write about my experience performing in the booth, I want to state how amazing Christine Jones has been through this entire process. Not only is she an amazing designer but she has been such a great spirit to be around and incredibly generous throughout the process. As the artistic director and creator of Theatre For One, Christine made a unique performance space for one performer and one audience member with music road cases and plush red velvet on the inside. It’s hard not to be reminded of the Time Square peep show culture when seeing the booth. Several years ago, Christine had this idea  and decided to collaborate with NY architects LOT-EK. Theatre For One has really been a beautiful partnership between these artists’ visions.

I played for about 30 people on Saturday night in a 2-hour shift. Each time the door opened,there was someone else there that felt entirely different. Since I have been performing music , I often prepare for shows by focusing my energies internally toward myself. The other thing about piano recitals is that there is never any eye contact that is made. Since I do not use my voice to sing, most of the focus of attention is really in this intimate space between my arms in front of my belly between myself and the piano. In the T41 booth,  I felt that I could direct my playing towards a specific person.This really changed the way that I listened to myself and opened up a lot more vulnerable space. To be honest, I’m not use to being  in touch with a specific single person as I am playing, especially someone that is a stranger. I felt that this really affected my playing and general feeling each time.

T41 has been extended! Be sure to catch i Memorial Day weekend May 29-31st in the afternoon and evenings.