On the other side of the rainbow

Dear readers– I apologize for the long delay in my blogging! I just spent several weeks “off the grid” and went to Bloomington Indiana to study for my music theory minor field exam. As much as that may sound like the worst thing to do over the summer, I actually ended up appreciating the long hours in the quiet library followed by evening swims and fresh organic foods. In this period of time, I hardly touched any keyboard and spent 6-7 hours a day looking at scores and analyzing them. Thanks to my friend (and tutor) Tim Best, I was able to see some great things in the practice of analyzing music…something that seems generally very distant from me while performing ¬†and on the road.

I’d say the worst part was certainly the four hours of examination. Now that I am on this side of the rainbow, I am able to return to some of my more genuine interests and begin playing the keyboard again. My plans for the rest of the summer include learning new music for next season and finish recording my second CD!

More to come soon.