Madame Claude tonight at Berlin!

Tonight finishes my mini-tour at Berlin’s ex-brothel, Madame Claude  in a colorful café-filled district, Kreuzberg. I found this venue online when I was looking for potential concert promoters/bars/cafés a couple of months ago. They have been known for their experimental music  as well as booking some other big-time acts that come through Berlin.   One of the cool characteristics of this place is that everything is upside-down with sofas,lamps and tables glued to the ceiling. I thought this would be a good place for a toy piano concert. I will also be joined by Banana Pill, a Finland-based minimalist/experimental/psychedelic group.

The entire tour has been incredibly eye-opening and stimulating for my music. It has been a tour filled with alternative venues without any association with the classical music scene, which has been overly-refreshing. At a day and age when anyone can make any music, it seems a bit forced to continually associate my work to the classical music tradition. My only criticism is that the classical music world seems like it is struggling to survive in this time and therefore looking for people that have “tricks” up their sleeve. Unfortunately, those situations make me feel like my work on the toy piano isn’t taken seriously for what it is, but rather a classical music programming twist. This tour has really responded to my unrealized faith that unique music can truly find its own audience. I really hope to reach out to more audience that will like my music for what it is.  I will be sure to write more stories upon my return!