The Economy on ICE–WQXR

We were really bummed to cancel our concert at Southern Theater (Minneapolis) on April 26th because of economic straits. At a time when many music and arts venues are struggling to stay afloat, ICE decided to bring the concert to curious audience members in a different way—online!  On April 26th, we decided to do a performance/recording session at the Brooklyn ICEhaus that was then streamed by  WQXR. The evening featured two new pieces that I wrote from my ICElab, including Beneath A Trace of Vapor for flute and electronics and Glass Clouds We Have Known for toy piano, bass clarinet, flute, bowls, keyboard,electronics and video. We are unfortunately unable to capture the visual world of this piece without a theater, but be sure to check back and see it’s New York premiere scheduled to take place in November of 2011. The concert also featured works by ICElab composers Mario Diaz de Leon and Steve Lehman.  Thanks to WQXR for broadcasting our performance!


Eric Lamb, flute

Josh Rubin, clarinet

Cory Smythe, keyboard

Rob Dietz, video artist