New lives with Bach

When I got to Symphony Space on Thursday afternoon to set up for my  NY debut concert, I got a text message from my brother telling me that he and his pregnant wife were on their way to the hospital to deliver their second baby! I was overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t help but to feel that I have such strange karma with their children.  I happened to be visiting Chicago when their first son, Timothy, was born 3 and half weeks earlier than expected. Witnessing a live birth was a life-changing experience for me that has deeply changed the way I feel about the mysterious phenomenon.

I remember after Timothy was born, the first thing I played for him on the piano was the Sarabande from Bach’s 4th Partita. I was so inspired; knowing that this would be the first piece of live music his  young ears would ever hear. Ever since then, I have thought of TImothy every time I played the Sarabande.

The 4th Partita has been living in my fingers for over five years. Since it is such a long partita, I have worked on it off and on, shelving it from time to time depending on other projects. A couple years ago, I developed tendinitis and the Partita became a rehabilitative piece for me to play(though there are parts that are very athletic.) It has  a very special place in my life because it is the only piece of music that went through the “recovery” of my injury with me.

Two days ago, when I walked on stage to perform the Bach Partita for my NY debut, I knew this would be the last time for awhile. Right before I played the Sarabande, I thought of TImothy and was overwhelmed with the feeling that there is now yet another life out there that I don’t know yet, but that will soon be a very significant part of my life. Baby Anna was born during my performance on Thursday.

The concert was over all a wonderful experience for me. Nathan’s new toy piano piece, “The Mechanics of Escapement” was absolutely amazing. Please check back in a few days; my next post will be about it.