A Chameleon-like instrument indeed

After performing my solo toy piano concerts, many people  like to tell me  what other instruments the toy piano reminds them of. I always thought this was something people did since they were still grappling with the idea of a toy piano as a musical instrument. I have been told that it sounds like  a kalimba (African thumb piano), a koto (Japanese plucked instrument), a xylophone, a celeste, a gamelan, vibes, clock chimes, a harpsichord, a musicbox, teacups, silverware, and many many other instruments. Oddly, it seems like the instrument has the least to do with the sound of an actual piano.  The piano is such a popular instrument that our ears are so accustomed to hearing it in any musical genre, whether it be at bars, clubs, concert halls, on the radio, or in living rooms. But the toy piano has its appearance, but the sound is so chameleon-like and hard to peg. From one moment it has the ability to sound quite melodic and delicate, mimicking the child-like innocence that people often associate with a toy piano, and all of a sudden it can sound like a bright percussive instrument made of plastic. I am still completely enthralled by the ever-changing nature of the toy piano’s sound. With this great ability to change,there is still so much potential for new music and new experiments–l still feel like a kid discovering an instrument for the first time!