A good bunch for the 2nd UnCaged

Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions for the 2nd UnCaged Toy Piano Competition! I have been utterly giddy and thrilled with this year’s submissions. I don’t know how it’s going to be possible to pick one winner. I have  browsed through some of the scores and I am already impressed with the abundance of good toy piano ideas people are sending me. When I came home from the post office yesterday carrying a bagful of submissions, I felt like a kid on Christmas Day. I’m glad that I will have the help of Wendy Mae Chambers, Margaret Leng Tan and Nathan Davis to look at all of this year’s works.

I decided to host a toy piano composition competiton over a year ago when I was looking for more works written for the instrument.  This year, I have received works from the US, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Korea, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Argentina, and England.  I cannot thank the composers enough for spending time and energy on such a specific and quirky project. I’ll be in touch with everyone  very soon!