Adding more to the collection

mbonpno1It only seems natural to be curious about music boxes when playing a toy piano all day long. They have a lot of similarities actually–  both instruments have teeth/tines made of metal and both are dependent upon some sort of box as a resonating chamber. My recent fascination with music boxes has led me to acquire nearly ten of them in the last couple of months.  The amazement of punching holes into the music strips and cranking them through has still not worn off on me yet! I have been experimenting with a variety of resonating chambers for the mechanism, including toy pianos, wine glasses, and most recently , tin cans.  This photo is a music box attached to a Twinings tin can that has been spray-painted.

Aside from the acoustic music boxes, I have been sampling the sounds and creating a new collection of works for music boxes and electronics. More details to come on this developing project!