for deconstructing toy piano, toy piano tines and string quartet (2016). Performed by JACK Quartet and me.

A TV story about how I came to the toy piano and the inspiration behind my work, Lighting The Dark (2014).

Three Lullabies I wrote for A Far Cry (for toy piano and string orchestra).

A performance of my Carousels, for toy piano and hand-cranked music box.

A rare performance with Cuddle Magic and Rick Moody in Saratoga Spring, 2014.

A documentary made by Hudson West on my experience of rescoring Hans Richter’s experimental film, Everything Turns, Everything Revolves as part of the Richter exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art in 2013.

An excerpt of my world premiere recording of Caccia, by the imitable Japanese composer, Jo Kondo. The piece was premiered at the 2016 Look & Listen Festival and was made possible by New Musia USA grant.
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