debut toy piano CD


In 2007, Phyllis released UnCaged Toy Piano, her debut solo toy piano album on the Concert Artists Guild label.  The album includes her recording of the  seminal work “Suite for Toy Piano” by John Cage, as well as a handful of works that use the toy piano with other instruments. The album also features music written by Phyllis, The Memoirist parts 1 and 3, which is from the miniature theater piece she created with her husband, Rob Dietz.

Track Listing:

1. Stephen Montague: Mirabella for solo toy piano

2. Andrian Pertout: Exposicionés for toy piano and CD

3. Karlheinz Essl: Kalimba for toy piano and CD

4. john Cage: Suite for Toy Piano 

5. Julia Wolfe: East Broadway for toy piano and toy boombox

6. Phyllis Chen: The Memoirist part 1, The Tale

7. Phyllis Chen: The Memoirist part 3, The Dream

Sounds heard: UnCaged Toy Piano–New Music Box