The Nature of Thingness

starklandThe Nature of Thingness  features the International Contemporary Ensemble performing original works by Nathan Davis and Phyllis Chen.

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  1. Ghostlight (Davis)
  2. Hush (Chen)
  3. Chimers (Chen)
  4. On speaking a hundred names (Davis)
  5. Beneath A Trace of Vapor (Chen)
  6. Mobius  (Chen/Dietz)
  7. On the Nature of Thingness  (Davis)

Introduction: Claire Chase
Total Time 65:00


“Album of the Week: As satisfying to the intellect as they are exciting to the ear.” (WQXR/Q2)

“many American new music organizations and presenters should take an example from the careful thought, hard work, and loving care that informs every aspect of this release… you cannot doubt the vividness, the flexible virtuosity, the layers of nuance, and the conviction characterizing every performance. What is more, the engineering is outstanding; it conveys both a vibrant ambience and carefully considered balances between instruments, voices, and electronics.”     –-Classics Today

“All in all, this is an exciting collection of pieces by young composers, and if you have any interest in contemporary or modern music, you should definitely get a ride on this train. You will not be disappointed.” —A Closer Listen  

“a very rich and colorful world, all excellently performed. There is a lot to be discovered and enjoyed here.” –Vital Weekly