UnCaged Toy Piano Composition Competition

The UnCaged Toy Piano Composition Competition is a call-for-scores to expand the music for toy piano. This competition was formed to encourage composers to write for this unusual instrument that has rapidly gained attention and interest from many pianists, composers and musicians.  The toy piano has many ranges, shapes and sizes, but the standard concert instrument has a chromatic range beginning from the F below middle C (F3-F6). Made of metal rods instead of strings, the toy piano has a bell-like metallic quality that sounds nothing like the standard-sized “string” piano.

2012 launches the UnCaged Toy Piano Commissioning Project. To find out more, please visit

1st UnCaged: Toy Piano and Electronics/Multimedia

1st UnCaged Toy Piano Competition (2007-8)

Winner: Georg Hajdu “Tsunami” for toy piano and live-electronics

2nd Place:Angelica Negron “Columpio” for toy piano and live-electronics

3rd Place: Jeff Morris “Chromatic Greys” for toy piano and live-electronics

2nd UnCaged: Virtuosity

2nd UnCaged Toy Piano Competition (2009-10)

1st Place: Fabian Svensson “Toy Toccata”

Runner up: Hyekyung Lee “Dream Play”

3rd UnCaged: DUO Edition for toy piano and cello

Winner: Ryan Manchester “Ananta”

2011 4th UnCaged Toy Piano Call for Submissions: Toy Toy Toy! Music for Toy Piano and Toy Instrument(s). 

Winner: Rusty Banks “Babbling Tower-to-Tower” for toy piano and cell phones

Most Ingenious Combo: James Joslin “Fur Enola”